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Want to turn CSR and sustainability from risk to opportunity?
The secret on how we helped 100s of companies across all industries around the world implement CSR and sustainability in an easy and structured 25 step process
Get the entire 25 step process in our 80-pages “Manual for your first CSR strategy” for just 5 euros!


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We securely process payments with 256-bit security encryption

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My name is Dennis Thaagaard. I am the CEO and founder of Sustainor, and I wrote the book “Manual for Your First CSR Strategy” for anyone and everyone looking to implement and profit from their first CSR strategy.

It´s an easy to read 80-page book that goes over a system I developed running our consultancy company and it has helped 100s of companies succeed with CSR in their industries using this 25-step model.

  • It doesn´t require any CSR skills
  • You don´t have to pay expensive consultants
  • You don´t need to acquire extra CSR knowledge
  • ​You don´t need to develop your own templates
  • It will have you up and running in a short time
  • ​The process has been proven across industries, company sizes and countries
  • ​Any employee can be the project leader
  • ​It will make you crush your competitors and steal market shares

Here´s a few things you will discover in the 80 pages of the “Manual for Your First CSR Strategy”:

Discover the 9 main reasons why you should be working with CSR and sustainability in order to maximise your financial results. Some of them are very crucial to YOUR business…

…get the details on page 11

The secret 5-step process on how to analyse your current CSR status on all the major areas – including what you do good, what you do bad and what you don’t really know yet…

…broken down on page 40

Tips and tricks how to organize your CSR work in order to get top management commitment and involve the right employees…

…all explained on page 25

The secret 25-step process of implementing CSR in your company…

…illustrated on page 22

The quick guide how to draw your own value chain – and on top of this find the risks throughout the value chain on how you can avoid negative impact on the world…

…explained on page 32

Discover the exact process on how to analyse the CSR work of your competitors and rate it on each significant sub-area…

…see page 38 to copy-and-paste

A copy-and-paste process on how to use internal communication to balance a quick implementation with keeping your employees positive and involved in the process…

…broken down on page 27

How focusing on world-class companies can ignite your CSR work from the very beginning…

…check out page 39

The often overseen but extremely important connection between CSR and the business strategy…

….revealed on page 44

The complete list of stakeholders to be analysed – this will give you the full overview of the needs and wants of all your main stakeholders…

…flip to page 31

The little-known analysis on stakeholder importance, which will give you superb knowledge on how to prioritise the wants of your stakeholders…

…all explained on page 45

A valuable list of the best way to create a CSR communication plan which give you invaluable commitment and coverage in your own implementation…

…revealed on page 67

The highly potent and unique CSR blue ocean analysis, which supercharge your innovation within CSR from the very beginning, and thus beating your competitors big time…

….check out page 46

A series of good ideas on how to make a CSR project plan in order to keep the full overview on your implementation…

…revealed on page 26

The almost always overlooked connection between CSR and your company’s vision, mission and values – this secures that your CSR work will not just be an add-on…

…check out page 47

How to build up 3-5 CSR focus areas that will be the absolutely best fit for your company – don’t just take a standard CSR strategy off the shelf…

…all explained on page 54

The exact process of dividing the focus areas into concrete action areas, and finding the matching ambition levels for each one…

….outlined on page 48

The step-by-step process how to find the UN Global Goals that your company should focus on, instead of just guessing or copying your competitors…

…revealed on page 55

Our private 7-step process on gap analysis - i.e. the difference between what our stakeholders want and what we give them…

….outlined on page 41

The secret method on how to make the ultimate KPI plan, which will create the needed laser focus on all relevant CSR targets in your organisation…

….illustrated on page 59

The easy-to-use method of creating and using a CSR project plan, which will keep you updated and on top of the CSR project at all times…

….list is located on page 64

The mostly overseen task of gathering the right KPI data from the right sources with the right documentation…

…see more on page 61

Great ideas on how to keep your employees informed and happy while still keeping the pace of the CSR implementation…

…see more on page 68

The 5-step guide on how to do a materiality analysis – i.e. the most important CSR areas for both you and your stakeholders…

…list is located on page 46 and 52

A list of the most common CSR information to add to your website – in order to get the right signals in front of the right people…

….outlined on page 69

An evergreen plan how to continue to develop your CSR work in order to be more competitive and resilient…

…turn to page 75

If you want to learn how to implement CSR in a proven, easy and structured matter, then download the book “Manual for Your First CSR Strategy” for just 5 euros.

30-day money-back guarantee


I know that before I get into anything… I’d like to know what I’m buying and that it’s backed by a solid money-back guarantee.

And I want you to be comfortable with this purchase.

And even though it’s only 5.00 euros – you worked for that money and it counts.
So, here’s what I’ve arranged:

Download the eBook, read it, but more importantly apply what you learn in there.

And if you’re not blown away by what you learn, then just shoot us an email at and request a refund within 30 days.

We’ll refund you your 5.00 euros and let you keep the book free of charge.

How’s that for a money back guarantee? I’d say pretty good!

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